John Legend Time Will Be in Dubai Now

Yes, you read it right, John Legend to perform in Dubai for DSF Closing Celebration. Want to know a little bit about it. At the john legend concert 2020 you can find the best time with the voice of the legend.

With “Get Lifted”, a debut album recorded at Columbia Records, Legend showed a rare ability to mix the “feelings” and moods of old-school classical soul music with a touch of 21st century hip-hop. On the one hand, “Get Lifted” is permeated with the romantic melodies of traditional R&B, on the other hand it feels a kind of street joy and trust: Marvin Gay’s sensuality and Stevie Vander’s candor merge with Snoop Dog’s straightforwardness and Kanye West’s wit. At the same time, John Legend is an individual singer, the owner of a unique talent and unique sensitivity.

An Example

Take, for example, Ordinary People, one of the last tracks recorded for the album in the summer of 2004, produced by hit maker Kanye West. To the accompaniment of simple and unsophisticated piano notes, the song, according to its creator, is “a reflection of a true and complex experience. It is dedicated to love, not one that is described in fairy tales, but one that exists between two real people.” The john legend live concert is waiting for you.

“Used To Love U”, the first single produced and created with the support of Kanye West, presents to the audience, as John himself claims, “amazing hip-hop rhythms with a touch of Latin American music, soulful melody and vocal accompaniment; this is a cool mix of different music styles. Here you will feel the presence of Black Eyed Peas, thanks to the specific sound of the trumpet and guitar. ”

  • Given West’s participation in the recording, of music partners Dave Tozer and Devo Harris, as well as Black Eyed Peas representative Will.I.Am, “Get Lifted” covers a wide range, starting with “Live It Up” a description of “personal experience about what coin repays hard work and fulfilled duty” and ending with Refuge (When It’s Cold Outside) a soulful ballad dedicated to the memories of Lauren Hill.
  • “Her friend brought me to the studio where Lauren worked on this record,” Legend recalls. “I sang for her several original compositions, and as a result, I played the accompaniment for this song. I’m still proud that this was my first record.”

This can be felt in such recordings as “She Don’t Have To Know” and “# 1”, a couple of songs dedicated to the old as the world theme of unbelief. Later, John will say with a smile on his face: “I think you will guess that this is a “boyish” song. There is a little irony in it, it seems to say: “Hey, I know that it was a fraud, but I’m a guy, what did you expect?” Most of the traditional R&B songs are devoid of the causticity and wit that are characteristic of hip-hop.



That is what I wanted to add to my music.” With the john legend concert tickets you can find the best time.